Microsoft unintentionally admits that it is testing advertisements in Windows Explorer by mistake

Microsoft unintentionally admits that it is testing advertisements in Windows Explorer by mistake

Many additional features that Microsoft was not ready to reveal the public have been discovered by testers of Windows 11. If you need to set up new Task Manager windows or File Explorer tabs, you should do so. As a result, you may see adverts for other Microsoft products while browsing your own files.

Windows 11 builder Florian Beaubois was browsing his Documents folder in Windows 11 and spotted an ad for Microsoft Editor. Microsoft Senior Program Manager Brandon LeBlanc told The Verge that the banner ad was real, but that it had been “experimental” and that it “was not intended to be distributed outside and was shut off.”

If “we didn’t mean for anyone to see that” isn’t a promise to never run ads in Windows Explorer, then Microsoft’s behaviour around its Edge browser, Microsoft accounts, and OneDrive and Microsoft 365 prompts all indicate that the company has no problem with this kind of aggressive internal promotion of its own products and services, according to The Verge. As a user of a large company’s product, you’ll get notifications for Apple TV+ on your iPhone, advice to switch to Chrome when you’re using Gmail, or major adverts for Alexa-based items every time you attempt to purchase a $6 cable on Amazon. This is a sad reality.

A banner in my Videos folder urging that I try Clipchamp isn’t something I want to see in my Documents folder (that second one hasn’t happened, just a probable example that comes to mind). But in my opinion, there’s a boundary between these kinds of generic system-folder-based suggestions and banners based on the specific files or file types I’m dealing with in Explorer. “You’re in your documents folder; let me propose additional items connected to papers” is irritating, but it doesn’t feel overly invasive.. Microsoft may have crossed the line if it suggests that it is utilising information about your locally stored files to target you with more relevant advertising..

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