Estrogen, a female hormone, stimulates the brain and helps it control obesity

Estrogen, a female hormone, stimulates the brain and helps it control obesity

Researchers at Baylor College of Medicine are examining the effects of oestrogen on the brain’s ability to combat obesity by focusing on specific areas of the brain.

When oestrogen is activated in a neurocircuit, it boosts thermogenesis (the production of heat) in the body and physical activity in animals, according to a study published in Science Advances. Hypothalamic ventrolateral subdivision of hypothalamic nucleus is where the circuit begins (vlVMH). Through the esrtogen receptor alpha, these neurons come into direct touch with oestrogen and respond to it. Connect and correlate with the serotonin-producing neurons in the ‘Dorsel Raphe Nucleus,’ a different part of the brain (DRN).

Adaptation to Temperatures and Food

The circuit responds to oestrogen by altering the body’s nutritional condition and temperature. This circuit appears to be functional in both sexes, however there is currently little information on its physiological significance.

It’s not uncommon for women to be shielded against metabolic disorders before menopause, according to a professor of paediatrics (nutrition and molecular and cellular biology) at Baylor. It is thought that oestrogen plays an important role in the disappearance of this following menopause.

It is because to the use of contemporary technologies, researchers have discovered a neurocircuit that links neurons in the vlVMH and DRN regions.

Research suggests that we may turn off thermogenesis and physical activity in animals to conserve energy in the event of nutritional deficiency.

Men’s brains have the same response, although there isn’t enough evidence to support this.

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